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October 2015

Winter Special Offer!

special-offersCheck Out Our "Get Ready For Winter" Special Offer!

[highlight]Winter Special Offer![/highlight] Sedans $329 / Truck-SUV $379 tax incl.

Commencing 15th October through fall and into winter

With the winter months looming, EAGLE EYE detailing have prepared a package to protect your asset from nature’s elements. Prevent ice, rain, salt, slush and mud, from causing damage to the surface finishes on the exterior of your vehicle. Preparing your asset with this package will prevent permanent damage and help to:
  • preserve the appearance
  • reduce scratched and dull paint
  • prevent rust from gaining a foothold
  • make the grime easier to remove
At EAGLE EYE detailing we offer you a paint sealant/car exterior and interior wash package. The sealant will protect and enhance the painted surfaces for the duration of the fall and winter months. Normal Price- $398 (Sedan) / $468 (SUV-Truck)

See our SPECIALS! page for ALL the important details